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I am a lover of books, music and cookies. I'm currently at University with the ambition of becoming a Writer and Editor (Hopefully specialising in Urban Fantasy). To that end I currently have my first official editing gig, working on a biography on the subject of business, not my usual bag but I'm happy to take what I can get. So I'm calling myself a 'freelance' editor because it sounds much better than 'unpaid'. I also do a little writing of my own, which you can check out on my blog, and I just published my first novel; Demons & Hellholes, a Grimmer Legacy novel.
As an avid reader, I have a bunch of knowledge on a number of seemingly random subjects, such as private security, Greek Mythology and animal behaviour. I am also on my way to getting a degree in English with Creative Writing and Private Investigating. I've specialised in things like Scifi, Crime, Skip tracing, and a number of other things

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Demons & Hellholes: A Grimmer Legacy novel
Demons & Hellholes: A Grimmer Legacy novel

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